Amador Causeway

amador causewaySometime’s called Panama’s Playground, the Amador Causeway, or La Calzada De Amador in Spanish, is a long stretch of road that leads people to Frank Gehry’s Biodiversity Museum, or the Biomuseo, and that connects the Causeway Islands. The Causeway Islands, or Islas Calzada de Amador, are 4 tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean near the entrance to the Panama Canal. They are linked to the mainland via the Amador Causeway, a 6 km one lane road, which was constructed from rock from the Culebra Cut, extracted during the construction of the Panama Canal. Alongside the road is a bicycle and jogging route for bikers and joggers.

The purpose of this filling was to stop the currents from the Bay of Panama and avoid sedimentation at the entrance of the Canal.

The Amador Causeway essentially leads to the jungles and rain forests that surround the Panama Canal. It has gained some notoriety as being the location of Manual Antonia Norega’s private clubhouse back during the height of his cocaine smuggling days in the 1980s. The home has since been destroyed.

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