Panama Canal Museum

The Panama Canal Museum, or in Spanish, Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panamá, is a non-profit museum that is open to the public in Panama City, Panama. It showcases the history of the construction of the Panama Canal, a vital link in the world shipping trade, and the efforts that were made to construct the canal, including the first time canal construction was attempted (but then abandoned) by the French. It traces the history of the construction by the United States and the transfer of its control to the Panamanian government.

The building that houses it has historical significance in that it was constructed around 1874 and served as the original headquarters of both the French Canal Company and United States Isthmian Canal Commission contractors that were engaged in the construction of the canal. In 1912, the building served as the Main Post Office of the city of Panama.

The Canal Museum is filled with planning materials and interesting artifacts from the construction. Photos, site plans and much more are on display. The construction was an engineering feat for its time and placed the republic of Panama on the map. The entire museum is signposted in Spanish, and there are English speaking guides available, as well as audio tours that you can purchase for a small fee. Admission is free to Panamanians and legal residents on Sundays.

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