Paseo de las Artes Panama

El Paseo de las Artes, or The Art Promenade, premiers on January 17th at 5:00 p.m. (until 11:00 p.m.) at Parque Francisco Arias Paredes in Bella Vista.

The Paseo de las Artes features 7 mini plays (in Spanish) of 15 minutes each, ranging in topics from comedy to drama. These particular plays will be available from January 17th until February 16th, after which their second season will begin. The cost per play is $5.00.

El Elefante de Venus presents Improvisación Teatral

The theater El Elefante de Venus (The Elephant of Venus) presents Improvisación Teatral (Theater Improvisation) in container 1. You can expect lots of different dynamics and public interaction during these 15 minutes!

El Elefante de Venus presenta Improvisación Teatral - Paseo de las Artes Panama

La Más Fuerte de August Strindberg

La Más Fuerte, adapted and directed by Tere Mans, will make you feel a thousand emotions in just 15 minutes. The synopsis is: One day near Christmas, she meets Emmy in a cafe. After an initial bout of nervousness, she decides to put the cards on the table about something she suspects happened in the past.

La mas fuerte de August Strindberg - Paseo de las Artes Panama

Ese Dedo 

Ese Dedo, or That Finger, is a play directed by @pedropabloporras about a young man who decides to visit a urologist for a prostate exam. His greatest fear: that he might like it. Despite this uncertainty, he decides to take the risk. Get ready for a wild comedic ride!

Ese Dedo - Paseo de las Artes Panama

Esperando a Godot

Esperando a Godot (Waiting for Godot), presented by the University of Panama’s Compañía Universitaria de Teatro (University Theater Company), brings us back to the Theatre of the Absurd movement

The comedy is centered around two close friends, Estragon and Vladimir, who argue and play on the side of the road while they wait for their date with Godot.

Estragon complains that his boots do not fit while Vladimir’s legs become stiff due to a bladder problem. Then, Pozzo appears, who claims to own the land where they are.

Soon an emissary will appear announcing when Godo will appear.

Cita a Ciegas

There is always room in the lineup for a romantic comedy. Cita a Ciegas (Blind Date), directed by @merce97, is about a woman that, after several failed relationships and questioning if Mr. Right is out there, agrees to go on a blind date following her friends’ insistence.

Cita a Ciegas - Paseo de las Artes Panama

El Show de la Dra. Palo

Dra. Palo has arrived to Panama. The most fake real-life fictional talk show will be present during the first season of Paseo de las Artes in Panama after a very successful season at @paseowynwood. On this occasion, directed by @carlanicole26, Dra. Palo will have to face a chillingly funny case, which will leave her and her team “naked.” This play will surely make you laugh out loud, and raises a rampant debate about the current direction of humanity.


Maria has something very important to tell Juan, but in the middle of her conversation, interesting information about their personal lives is discovered. What will Maria decide about her relationship? Written and directed by Nestor Sosa.

Urano - Paseo de las Artes Panama