Presidential Palace of Panama

Magnolia Inn, one of Casco Viejo's boutique hotels, is conveniently located near historical and other sightseeing attractions in Panama City, Panama. Magnolia Inn is minutes from the Palacio De Las Garzas. Plan to stop by and snap some photos of this magnificent palace. The Palacio De Las Garzas, or Presidential Palace of Panama, is the official residence of the President and a governmental office. Built in 1673, the palace is home to large African herons, who were gifted to the palace in 1922 during the presidency of President Belisario Porras.

cuidad panama hotelsServing as the home for the Spanish governor during the 17th century, the home has been remodeled a few different times over the course of its history. In 1922, the largest renovations were completed under the management of architect Leonard Villanueva-Meyer. A courtyard, a ‘Moorish’ room, and two new towers were added. It is fun to note that in 1934 an elevator was added for a visit from United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt so that he could get to his bed chambers during his stay. The Salon Amarillo (Yellow Room) is the room where most of the formal events are held. It is widely considered to be one of the most important rooms at the Presidential Palace of Panama. The Salon de los Tamarindos (Tamarind’s Room) is the dining room of the President and it is named for its beautiful murals which were completed by Panamanian painter, Roberto Lewis. Lewis was inspired by his visit to Taboga Island and loved the tamarind trees he saw there.

Panama’s current president, does not live at the palace residence, but several of the Presidents of Panama have lived here. Foreign visitors are allowed to visit the grounds, and reservations are not required. Flip flops and other very casual dress are generally frowned upon. You can spend hours walking around the grounds and enjoying the views of the colonial architecture and very old streets.

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